My first thoughts on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Memovox Timer Limited Edition

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This year Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrate the 70 Years Anniversary of the Memovox with the release of the new Master Control Memovox Timer Limited Edition!

On the 5th of June Jaeger-LeCoultre started to release teasers online – #TheSoundMaker, #JaegerLeCoultre and #HomeofFineWatchmaking – I reported about it here: 1950 – 2020, the 70 Years Anniversary of the Memovox

With only pictures and videos, I am still to see this watch in real – I can already say, this is a watch in my taste!

Master Control Memovox Timer, reference Q410848J, limited edition of 250 pieces.

It’s a Memovox, it has a blue dial and an extra “gadget” on the dial – so very much my taste!

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Memovox Timer, reference Q410848J

Zooming in on the dial – so what is this new “Timer” function?

It is not really a new complication from a mechanical point of view, it is more of a new “decoration” in the same vein as the Memovox International and the Memovox Parking which gives you a new function…

On the alarm disk there is a countdown scale from twelve hours down to zero hours and on the back end of the hour hand there is a red JL anchor logo which indicates number of hours until the alarm is set to ring.

As the red Timer indicator is located on the hour hand, it will count down and reach zero when the alarm goes off – simple, yet ingenious!

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Memovox Timer, reference Q410848J

As mentioned, in the same vein as the Memovox International which was released in 2010 for the 60 Years Anniversary of the Memovox… Indicating time in 24 time zones when the alarm arrow and the hour hand aligns.

2010 – Master Memovox International

And the Memovox Parking which was released in 1958 for the 125 Years Anniversary of Jaeger-LeCoultre! Counting down how much time you have left in the parking meter…

1958 – Memovox Parking

A fun side note – this is not the first time we see a Jaeger Timer, back in the 1960’s there was one as well…

1960s Jaeger egg timer

Well, maybe more like a egg-timer than a Memovox Timer…

1960s French Jaeger ad

Back to the new Memovox Timer – not only is the front side very much my taste – so is the back as well!

This new generation of Memovox features an open case back giving you the opportunity to admire the construction and polishing of the new and improved version of the Calibre 956, the Calibre 956AA.

Back in 2000 the Master Memovox had a open case back with the manual Calibre 914 inside, now we see the first Memovox with an automatic Calibre combined with a open case back.

Some collectors, me included often prefer a closed case back on a automatic movement – but here I find the polishing looks to be one level up and you get the pleasure to see the hammer hitting the gongs when the alarm goes off!

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Memovox Timer, reference Q410848J

Not only is the case reworked on the back, it is also thinner – same diameter as previous Memovox, 40 mm, but the thickness of the case has been reduced with 1.61 mm down to 12.39 mm.

1.61 mm may not sound like much but it is a 11.5% cut. Imagine if your arms or any of your limbs would suddenly be 11.5% shorter… That would be a huge change!

I am still to see this piece in the metal, but I am convinced this slimmer profile will make the Memovox Timer even more comfortable and less “top heavy” on the wrist.

I suspect we are looking at a future classic here!

Stay tuned, I will return with more thoughts on this one and other Jaeger-LeCoultre novelties soon…