LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows

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This weekend T.W.O will do a #weekendattwo “off the beaten path” on Instagram…

So, I thought I should share one of my more unusual clocks from La Grande Maison – the LeCoultre Clock reference 427 Bellows!

Bellows? Yes, you know the one you use to blow one the fire to get it started in fireplace!

What do bellows have to do with watches you might ask? Well, not much unless you design a clock looking like bellows for your fireplace!

LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows

The clock part of this creation is rather similar or same as many other clocks by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows

Dial is approximately 45 mm in diameter covering a 8-days movement, most likely Calibre 19” – 222 or equivalent (I haven’t open to check as it works perfectly).

Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 222 – movement specification

On the back you can see the reference number 427, the knob for settling the time and the winder for the movement. The slider down left opens the window over the “F” and “S” to allow adjusting the movement speed.

LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows – backside

What is a bit different on this dial is that it is divided into zones, outer white, inner gilt. This can be explained whit that there was an alarm clock version of the bellows as well.

By making the dial with T.W.O zones, both versions looks the same even if only one of them have the alarm!

Another detail that differs from most is the hands – heated blue hands with shaped heads. Hour head resembles the French lily.

LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows – zone dial, heated blue hands

Here is the 427 featured in the 1963 Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue: Gilt with red or black sides

Jaeger-LeCoultre 1963 catalogue – LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows

As mentioned, there were a alarm clock version of the bellows as well – reference 47, same size 170 x 60 x 37 mm, but with the additional alarm function.

Here featured in a French pamphlet from the early 1960’s:

Jaeger-LeCoultre early 1060’s pamphlet – LeCoultre Clock 47 Bellows

Jaeger-LeCoultre really made an effort to make this clock look like a bellows – see the triangle shaped profile…

LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows – profile

Including the pointy nozzle…

LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows – nozzle

Except the very different case design – another thing making this 427 different from most clocks of the time, 1950’s – 1960’s, is that most Jaeger-LeCoultre clocks are table clocks.

The 427 is a wall clock, meant to be hanged up on the wall – wife declined my request to hang this one up on our wall…

She mentioned something about “isn’t there already enough watches and clocks here”…? Not really sure what’s she is referring to… Can there ever be too many?!

LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows – wall hanger

So for now it will remain as a table clock… But I will ask again… In a year or T.W.O… Remember, rule #3 – Patience is a virtue

LeCoultre Clock 427 Bellows

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