Omega Seamaster 2913-7 Seamaster 300

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Omega reference 2913-7 Seamaster 300, one that has been in my collection for some years now. One of the most elegant divers watches IMO.

The very first 2913-1 was released back in 1957 together with the 2914 Railmaster and the 2915 Speedmaster forming the “Holy Trinity of Omega”.

The 2913 shares a lot of common points with the later JLC E 857 Deep Sea Alarm (1959) and the GP 8867 Deep Diver (1968).

Omega Seamaster CK 2913-7 Seamaster 300 – lollipop

This later version -7 from circa 1958 have different hands than on the very first -1. The broad arrow on the minute hand instead of the hour hand, which is logical for a divers watch as minutes are more important to keep track of than hours when you are diving.

And of course, the seconds hand with the lollipop – such a sweet detail!

Omega 2913 Seamaster – 1958 watch magazine