On the wooden beam: Omega Seamaster ChronoStop 145.007

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As mentioned in previous post, the Omega Seamaster ChronoStop 145.007 came with several different types of bezels. Earlier we looked at the most common, the Tachymetre bezel.

Now let’s move on to one of the less common, the Decimetre bezel.

In the Omega description of the decimetre bezel it says: “for time measuring of an operation”. Not sure when a measuring based on 1/100 of a minute applies but it’s a cool feature!

Omega Seamaster ChronoStop 145.007 – on the wooden beam

While trying to used this function, I got confused and suspected an issue with my watch… And got the issue confirmed while looking at this Omega catalogue from 1969…

Omega catalogue – Spanish 1969

Maybe it’s easier to see in this scan from the Omega Calibre 865 document:

You see the issue and why I will need to go back to my watchmaker with this one…?! (No real problem as long as I don’t try to time anything)

Either way, it’s such a cool Funky 70’s watch and like most of them, very comfortable on the wrist!

There are more versions of the 145.007 bezel, stay tuned as we will look into more of them!