On the wooden beam: Doxa Antimagnetic “Oversized”

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Lately I have seen a lot of really good looking Doxa Time only “oversized” watches in social media.. This reminded me of a watch I picked up many years ago on a whim due to the exceptional patina…

The watch ended up in a box and has been there for many years…

Maybe now is the time to bring it out for some fresh air?!

On the wooden beam – Doxa Antimagnetic “Oversized”, 35 mm in diameter chrome case with stainless steel case back.

Doxa Antimagnetic “Oversized” – on the wooden beam

As said, what got me to grab this watch was the exceptional patina of the dial!

Must admit, that I know very little about these “oversized” Doxa… Based on the look, size and the movement being a 11 1/2, ETA 942 based movement, I am guessing late 1940’s or early 1950’s.

Doxa Antimagnetic “Oversized” – exceptional patina

On the wrist this watch is a real charmer! Elegant, low key, with a very warm patina…

Doxa Antimagnetic “Oversized” – on the wrist

I don’t even have proper documentation for this one… The closest I have in my library is this scan from the 1951 Basel Fair:

1951 Basel Watch Fair – Doxa and other Le Locle based manufactures

Maybe time for me to start reading up on these Doxa Antimagnetic oversized..?!