Enicar Ocean Pearl

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Enicar is a brand I have been observing for a long time… Never really engaged, but here and there I have been picking up some small pieces… I already showed you some of them.

Some time ago, a friend of mine helped me to pick up another Enicar which I mistook for a Single Crown Super Compressor…

Once I received the watch I realised I must have been a bit distracted (read sloppy) while looking at the pictures and reading the description…

This is not a another Single Crown Super Compressor. Up front it looks similar, but in details it is quite different!

Enicar Ocean Pearl –

Enicar Ocean Pearl – embossed logo and applied stainless steel name

If we start to look at the dial – embossed logo and applied stainless steel name. Most of the once I have seen with this logo/name configuration have painted logo/name.

Another detail that in is a bit odd is that lack of any text at six. Most models do have some type of text or model name at six o’clock. I checked the dial under the loupe and I can’t find any trace of text or that the dial would have been touched…

The Ebony hands and index makes me think this is a 1960’s watch and the red date adds the little extra to the otherwise monochrome look!

Enicar Ocean Pearl – Ebony index, red date

The 36 mm in diameter stainless steel case is a tad more slender than the Seapearl Super Compressor case. Thinner bezel, thinner lugs.

On the case back, a very different story than on the Super Compressor is told: Enicar Ocean Pearl – Water resistant, Incabloc, All Stainless Steel…

No Seapearl, no waterproof, no ultrasonic and no brevet numbers…

Yes, the Ocean Pearl is no Super Compressor case nor a waterproof watch, but water resistant. No hatched compressor crown but at least the Saturn logo is there on the crown!

No clam or pearl, instead a very cool happy Shark!

Enicar Ocean Pearl – happy Shark

Once opening the case, instead of a bayonet locking, the case back is a traditional screw down case back.

Inside is next surprise – most of my Enicar have movements with smooth bridges, this Calibre AR 2161 DM, which if I understand correctly use a FHF base Calibre, have an odd “bark” finish…

Enicar Ocean Pearl – Calibre AR 2161 DM

This is what can happen if you don’t pay enough attention before buying…

I don’t mind, I like it – will switch the Tropical rubber strap to a nice leather and then we are good to go!

Enicar Ocean Pearl – not waterproof but water resistant

But I think it is a good example that sometimes it’s easy to see a picture in your mind and not what’s in front of you…

OK, to be fair – the higher price tag, the more effort you put in… But even with less expensive watches one should always have a proper look!

To end this post – here is a side-by-side shot of the Ocean Pearl and the Sherpa Seapearl:

Enicar Ocean Pearl – Sherpa Seapearl

Stay tuned, more Enicar coming this way!