Shot of the day: DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar

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This Sunday we will have a look on another of my friends DOXA SUB’s… The DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar reference 58098-59.

The yellow dial version of the DOXA SUB 300T might not be the most popular one, but it is hard to find… I am still hunting mine…

I must confess that I really like the yellow dial, very different from anything I have in the collection… My friend is a lucky guy…!

For those of you have read my DOXA SUB 300T Sharkhunter post, notice this is a 1970’s watch made for the European market. The Synchron logo, the meters bezel, the lack of the Aqua-lung.

DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar – shot of the day

You recognise the reference 58098-59, same as my DOXA SUB 300T Sharkhunter. Both watches share the same case, just different colour scheme on bezel, dial and hands…

And of course different names! Divingstar – Sharkhunter… I know which one I think have the coolest name…

DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar – European market

Compared with the DOXA SUB 300 Searambler we looked at last week, the bracelet is a bit different. These later versions do not have the side pusher to adjust the length of the bracelet.

Not sure if the end links should be this open type or if they have been replaced, but my CYMA SUB 300T have a different type.

The case back matching the dial with the Synchron star logo.

DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar – Synchron case back

The Divingstar – another hole in my collection…

I will continue my DOXA SUB theme here, so stay tuned!