Shot of the day: Omega Seamaster ChronoStop 145.007 Decimetre bezel

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Some time ago I posted my Omega Seamaster ChronoStop reference 145.007 with decimetre bezel… And as I pointed out in that post, my watch had an issue with the bezel…

Last week I had a quick stop by my watchmaker who helped me fix it… Thank you! Now it looks correct again!

The issue was that who ever serviced it before I bought the watch (not my watchmaker) placed the bezel with the 60-mark at twelve… Making it really hard to use it for timing things…

This was an easy fix for my watchmaker and now it look correct!

Omega Seamaster ChronoStop 145.007 – shot of the day

As you can see in the document in the background, the decimetre bezel should have 100/0 at twelve to be able to time things correctly!

Omega Seamaster ChronoStop 145.007 – decimetre bezel

Even if no big issue, I always prefer to have everything in order…

Here is a link to the previous post and how it looked before correction: On the wooden beam: Omega Seamaster ChronoStop 145.007