Shot of the day: DOXA SUB 300T Aqua-lung

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You remember my DOXA SUB 300T Aqua-lung professional?

And you remember the issue I had with this watch…? Now it’s time to correct that!

I receive many questions how I can find my watches in such good and complete condition… I don’t really know the answer to that question – if I did, I would have many more watches!

But one thing I do know is that patience is a must! Like in this case –

My pre-Synchron DOXA SUB 300T Aqua-lung professional have a smaller issue that I am finally able to correct!

DOXA SUB 300T Aqua-lung professional – pre-Synchron era

Here is a link to a detailed report of this watch: On the wooden beam: DOXA SUB 300T Aqua-lung

When it comes to collecting watches, one of my aims is to complete all my watches as much and as correct as possible, no matter if it is a watch I just bought or a watch I got many years ago…

And my DOXA SUB 300T Aqua-lung professional is no exception! The issue with this watch is that I found it without the original bracelet.

That is fine since I prefer a nice leather strap for everyday use anyway. Of course, if I ever would find a good condition bracelet at a OK price I will get it…

But in the meantime, I prefer to at least have matching buckle for my watch.

Now, the buckle I had before this post was this Synchron buckle. Very nice and a perfect match for a DOXA SUB 300T from the Synchron era.. Found the buckle some six months ago…

But this watch is a pre-Synchron watch…! You see the problem?!

Synchron buckle

Now I finally found a matching buckle! It only took me one and a half year to find one…

Some watches I have owned for ten years or more and I am still not able to wear them… But one day…! Rule #3: Patience is a virtue.

Synchron buckle – DOXA buckle

Yes, that’s what I am looking for! Now at least watch and buckle match!

DOXA buckle – in place

Oh, yes! It feel so much better already! Now this baby is ready for a spin!

DOXA buckle – on the wrist

This is only one step of the way… Still miss the bracelet, box, documents…

The journey is a big part of the fun! Stay tuned, I will share more DOXA SUB’s here soon!