Shot of the day: Omega Seamaster 176.007

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Today I like to show one of my friend’s Omega, the Seamaster chronograph reference 176.007.

My watchmaker serviced it and sent it back with me last time I visited… My friend had the poor judgment not to pick it up straight away…

So of course it ended up here on my blog!

The Omega Seamaster reference 176.007 is another one of these big Funky 70’s chronographs that Omega made during the end of 1960’s and 1970’s.

Here shown in a scan from 1973 in gold.

Omega 1973 – Seamaster line-up

Several different dial versions exists, my friend’s watch have the blue with white Tachymeter scale versions – I must confess that I find this blue sunburst dial very appealing…

If he doesn’t pick up the watch soon I guess I will be forced to adopt it…

Omega Seamaster 176.007 – shot of the day

The dial layout and functions are the same as my 176.005. You find it here: On the wooden beam: Omega Seamaster 176.005

The big difference being the bezel and of course the case. This 176.007 is much flatter and due to that look larger in photos, but in reality its smaller.

176.005 is 42 x 49 mm while the 176.007 is “only” 38 x 42 mm.

Omega Seamaster 176.007 – smaller than the 176.005

On the back is the Seamaster seahorse. Since it’s just serviced, I don’t want to open the watch but inside is the well-known automatic Calibre 1040.

Omega Seamaster 176.007 – Seamaster seahorse on the back

Yes, this blue dial is mesmerising… Time for me to start another hunt…?

Thank you to my friend for “letting” me play with this watch!

If you like these big Funky 70’s Omega Seamaster chronographs – stay tuned, more to come!