LeCoultre 3072 Memovox – the Box

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Whit last week’s release of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date Limited Edition, exclusively sold on the US website, and the fact that the watch has a blue toned dial makes me think of the LeCoultre 3072!

A watch I promised to return to in my earlier post about Three Blue Memovox Speedbeat

This post goes out to all my American friends!

The LeCoultre reference 3072 Memovox were as far as I know only branded LeCoultre and only sold in the North American market.

From the Funky 70’s look it’s easy to understand that this watch originates from 1970.

The LeCoultre reference 3072 Memovox:

LeCoultre – 3072 Memovox

Let’s have a closer look at the original box of the 3072 – both a green outer and inner box. Both with gold print and lines on them.

LeCoultre 3072 Memovox – outer box

Both boxes only carry the LeCoultre name, but the JL-logo is present.

One misconception is that this green box was some kind of special box for the Deep Sea Alarm or the Polaris. Most likely due to that both the Tribute To Deep Sea Alarm and Tribute To Polaris have similar boxes. That is not correct, this type of green box was the standard box of LeCoultre during the later part of 1960’s and beginning 1970’s.

Here is a shot of the inner box, LeCoultre and the JL-logo.

LeCoultre 3072 Memovox – inner box

Inside is again LeCoultre and the JL-logo. And one of the catchy sales pitches from the time: “The most exceptional watches and clocks in all the world”!

LeCoultre 3072 Memovox – inside the box

And of course, its always a pleasure to have matching papers…

LeCoultre 3072 Memovox – box and papers

Yes, a super fun, super cool, super Funky 70’s watch with a similar type of dial as the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date Limited Edition, exclusively for the for the north American market..!

LeCoultre 3072 Memovox – outer box and papers

Next time we will have a closer look at the watch itself, so stay tuned!