On the wooden beam: CYMA – CYMAFLEX

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You know the syndrome when one watch leads to another..? I have a sever case of this!

Once I find a watch I really like, I will strat to look around for similar watches…

A mild case of this is when you want to get a watch from the same brand/family… A worse scenario is when you want to find all related references of the same model…

And then there is…

When you start to look for the same watch, from the same time period, from any brand!

Last year I got my first CYMA, a SUB 300T, you can read about it here: On the wooden beam: CYMA SUB 300T Professional

That made me start to look more into CYMA and I realise that they have a smaller version of one of my favourite early divers watches! A watch with almost identical case as the Zenith S. 58 and with a similar dial layout.

The CYMA “CYMAFLEX” reference 2-3353-6: on the wooden beam

CYMA CYMAFLEX 2-3353-6 – on the wooden beam

As you can see, the case is almost identical as the case from the Zenith S. 58, first generation with the manual movement, just 1.5 mm smaller. The bezel, the lugs, the screw down case back…

CYMA CYMAFLEX 2-3353-6 – 35 mm in diameter

Here is a side-by-side shot of the Zenith S. 58 and the CYMA CYMAFLEX. 36.5 mm versus 35.0 mm.

Zenith S. 58 – CYMA CYMAFLEX

I am guessing that if I would open and check, both cases are made by the same case manufacture.

The dial layout is similar, with the 12, 3, 6, 9 numbers and luminous index. What differs is that the CYAMFELX do not have any applied metal index.

Both watches have luminous hands, with a luminous arrow head on the seconds hand.

CYMA CYMAFLEX 2-3353-6 – 12, 3, 6, 9 dial configuration

On the wrist the CYMAFLEX is very comfortable, with its modest size it feels more like a dress watch than a divers watch… But one glance on your wrist tells you, yes – its a diver!

As earlier mentioned, “early divers” is a theme I really love! Smallish size, strong case, no turning bezel…

Yes, more of these will be presented here on my blog, so stay tuned!