On the wooden beam: Girard-Perregaux 9075 Olimpico Chronograph

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Another Girad-Perregaux Olimpico Chronograph which was included in the T.W.O Olimpico week on Instagram! If you missed it, check it out! @___t.w.o___

The Girard-Perregaux Olimpico reference 9075 is a bit of enigma for me…

Based on the reference serial number the reference 9075 should be around 1970.

Based on the Girard-Perregaux records, the Olimpico 9075 were produced in 620 pieces and that the price in 1976 was CHF 425. If the 620 pieces were all produced in 1976 or in total, the production card do not say…

Now I found T.W.O different documents showing that the Olimpico 9075 was in the 1969/1970 catalogue and that the price in the catalogue was that same, CHF 425. A bit odd to have a catalogue for two years, but both documents state the same. 1969-1970:

Girard-Perregaux catalogue – 1969-1970

We do know that the Olimpico line started in 1968. That first year Girard-Perregaux released the 8846 and the 8862, will return to these references in later posts.

My take is that the 9075 must have been released in 1969 or early 1970. But none of these years are Oympic Game years… Guess that the success with the first two references made Girard-Perragaux to continue the line even if not a Olympic Game year.

OK, enough spekulations – let’s see the watch!

Here is the Girard-Perregaux Olimpico reference 9075: on the wooden beam

Girard-Perregaux Olimpico 9075 – on the wooden beam

Grey-brown inverted “Panda” dial, outside is a red 15 Pulsation scale and a black Tachymeter scale. The three sub-dials show the running seconds and the 12 hours/30 minutes chronograph counters. Red central seconds chronograph hand.

Girard-Perregaux Olimpico 9075 – grey inverted Panda dial

The brown bezel is a very nice detail in combination with the rather square lugs gives the watch a very sporty look!

Inside is the GP Calibre 07-3 which is based on the Excelsior Park Calibre P40, a manual column wheel movement.

Girard-Perregaux Olimpico 9075 – manual column when movement

On the wrist, the Olimpico 9075 is fantastic! The 39 mm case fits my wrist perfectly! Even if I am no real chronograph guy, I have a weakness for these Olimpico’s!

Girard-Perregaux Olimpico 9075 – on the wrist

I will continue to go through the different Olimpico references here, so stay tuned!

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