Shot of the day: Excelsior Park Calibre P40

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The other day I told you about the syndrome when “one watch leads to another”… And that I suffer from a serious case of this!

Here is another example of this… The Excelsior Park Calibre P40!

The reason I have this watch is that after many years of resistance against chronograph’s…

I fell in love with the Girard-Perregaux Olimpico Chronograph line!

Especially the early once which have, yes you guessed it – the Excelsior Park calibre P 40 inside.

Excelsior Park Calibre P40

The resemblance with the Girard-Perregaux reference 8846 Olimpico Chronograph is striking. Here is a side-by-side shot of the T.W.O, left Excelsior Park, right Girard-Perregaux:

Excelsior Park Calibre P40 – Girard Perregaux 8846 Olimpico

When you know that inside is the same Calibre beating, it may not be surprising to see the resemblance, but remember how different some of the GP Olimpico looks even if they have the same Calibre P40 inside?

Dials are similar, even the hands are of the same style, even if the Excelsior Park have heated blue hands. The EP is easy to mistake as larger as the dial look bigger due to the lack of the Tachymeter scale.

The sub-dials are the same – running seconds, minute counter and hour counter.

Even the three minutes markings 3, 6 and 9 on the minute counter are the same. Originating from the 1940’s when the telephone calls were charged by every three minutes duration.

Excelsior Park Calibre P40 – no Tachymeter

Both cases have the same base, 37 mm in diameter, short angled down lugs, 20 mm between the lugs. Difference being in the bezel profile and the that the bevels on the lugs are larges on the Excelsior Park case.

Both have quite flat screw-down case backs and round pushers.

Excelsior Park Calibre P40 & Girard Perregaux 8846 Olimpico – screw-down case back

One now the money shot! The side-by-side Calibre P40, left Excelsior Park, right Girard-Perregaux a.k.a. GP Calibre 07-3. I have not been able to find any mentioning of any alterations made by GP and from the looks, except for the screws holding the movement, they look the same.

Excelsior Park Calibre P40 & Girard Perregaux 8846 Olimpico – Calibre P40

The Excelsior Park P40 is a beautiful manual, column wheel, 12 hours chronograph movement. With the big balance wheel and chronograph gear train highlighted in gold.

Here is the movement with the chronograph not engaged.

Excelsior Park – Calibre P40, chronograph not engaged

And here with the chronograph engaged. Do you see the small but important difference? The column wheel “lifting” the lever, engaging the chronograph gears to “hook” into each other, making the chronograph to start counting.

Excelsior Park – Calibre P40, chronograph engaged

I am not yet a “chronograph guy” but I do appreciate the beauty of a well made chronograph movement.

And when it comes in such classic elegant package like this, it’s hard to resist!

Excelsior Park – Calibre P40, chronograph engaged

We will soon look at more chronographs here, so stay tuned!