On the wooden beam: Omega 166.0072 Memomatic

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This watch I showed you in the beginning of the summer…

Now it’s time for a more detailed report of the Omega reference 166.0072 Memomatic!

You all know I am madly in love with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox, I would say the leading manufacture of alarm wrist watches from 1950! And still today, Jaeger-LeCoultre holds the first place from my point of view…

BUT, the Omega Memomatic …

… have a more technical advanced movement!

Jaeger-LeCoultre may not have had the most advanced movements for their Memovox, but they are robust and functional. The same goes for today, some like the Ulysse Nardin Sonata have more technical advanced movement but Jaeger-LeCoultre holds the throne for everyday alarm wrist watches.

Let’s ge back to the Omega reference 166.0072 Memomatic – Inside is the Calibre 980.

A fully automatic movement. The rotor winds not only the time function but the alarm as well.

Omega reference 166.0072 Memomatic: on the wooden beam

Omega 166.0072 Memomatic – on the wooden beam

The alarm utilised by the button at T.W.O o’clock: pushed in the alarm is off, pulled out one step the alarm is activated and pulled out two steps allows you to set the alarm with the time crown.

The alarm have both a hour and minute marker, the orange arrow for the hours and the two orange lines for the minutes which makes it easier to set an exact time for the alarm compared with if only a hour marker.

Omega 166.0072 Memomatic – alarm set: 07:30

The quick date set is located at three o’clock, a small pusher to set the date forward, backwards is not possible.

Omega 166.0072 Memomatic – quick date set pusher

Here, a look at the Calibre 980, typical Omega automatic movement from the time. Maybe not the prettiest, but functional advanced.

The steel hammer with two larger screws is the one making the sound.

Omega 166.0072 Memomatic – Calibre 980

The 40 mm Funky 70’s cushion case is very comfortable on the wrist. Yes, this is a keeper!

Omega 166.0072 Memomatic – on the wrist

Here is a link to my initial post about this watch: Shot of the day: Omega 166.0072 Memomatic

More alarm related reports to come, so stay tuned…