Shot of the day: IWC Ingenieur 666 AD in Gold

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Earlier this week I posted about Anitmagentic watches and the “big five”…

One of them being the IWC Ingenieur. A model that has been in the IWC collection for many years. A true classic model of the International Watch Company!

From the very first reference 666 up until today, the Ingenieur have been created in many shapes, materials and movements…

Personally I favour the original Ingenieur 666…

IWC Ingenieur – 666 AD in Gold

Here is a scan of the presentation of the case and movement, 1956 Swiss Fair Exhibitors Article. Unfortunately in French, but as you can see they are talking about Oersteds and not Gauss which often is mentioned when it comes to Antimagnetic watches…

Resistant up to 1000 Oersteds. The Oersted is a unit of the H-field while Gauss is a unit of the B-field.

1956 Swiss Fair Exhibitors Article – IWC 666 Ingenieur

I am no physicist… But if you read Orested Wikipedia the simple explanation is: In a vacuum, if the magnetizing field strength is 1 Oe, then the magnetic field density is 1 G.

Which explains how the specification in this ad from early 1960’s have the same 1000 rating but in Gauss!

IWC ad early 1960s – 666 Ingenieur specifications

Notice the mentioning of “British R.A.F. has been issuing its pilots and navigators with International watches for years”. Yes, that must be the IWC Mk 11 they are referring to…!

Interesting is that while the Jaeger-LeCoultre Mk 11 were the precursor of the Geophysic, the IWC Mk 11 can be seen as the precursor of the Ingenieur!

Jaeger-LeCoultre Mk 11 – IWC Mk 11

Yes, more Antimagnetic watches to come, so stay tuned.

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