Shot of the day: IWC Mark 11

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Back in my youth I used to build air-plan models, preferably air-planes from the Second World War… Not due to the war part, I find many of the models beautiful with their curved lines and propellers!

To build models may not be close to watchmaking, but still some motor skills and dexterity is required.

Inspired by the IWC Silver Spitfire the longest flight I decided I should try to building models once more…

IWC Silver Spitfire – the longest flight

Practise a bit before Junior get’s old enough to start…!

So last weekend I went and got me a 1:72 scale model of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk V.

IWC Mk 11 – revisiting my youth with an air-plan model

Not sure if I will succeed but if I do, I will have the perfect photo accessory for pilot watches!

If you like to see more of the IWC Mk 11.

Here you can follow the IWC Silver Spitfire route. Right now they have reached Japan, next stop Taiwan.