Omega 2914 Railmaster – Which one do you prefer?

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I already showed you these watches. They tick several check-boxes for me – One of the most famous Antimagnetic watches, Part of the Omega Holy Trinity, Stainless steel tool watch from the 1950’s…

Yes, like a Kinder Egg – three in one!

My problem is that I can never make up my mind…

… which type of hands I prefer!

So let’s make a vote, Omega 2914 Railmaster, which one do YOU prefer?

The 2914-1, 2914-4 or 2914-6?

Omega Railmaster – 2914-1, 2914-4 and 2914-6

The original dash one with the Broad Arrow?

Omega Railmaster – 2914-1 Broad Arrow

The dash four with the larger luminous on the Dauphin hands?

Omega Railmaster – 2914-4 Dauphin

Or the dash six with the Lollipop?

Omega Railmaster – 2914-6 Lollipop

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