My Horological 2019 in retrospect

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Well, the biggest news this year was that I joined T.W.O and started my own blog.

Other than that…

My Horological 2019 in retrospect – I will share some of the highlights from 2019 here:

My passion – After ten years as a contributor and moderator of a watch forum I finally had enough. People making money on my and others passion for watches.

Like most watch enthusiasts, I already have a day job – this is my passion. Making money should not be a part of that.

By starting this blog and joining T.W.O – The Watch Observatory, a place for Horological Passion, Mutual Respect, Knowledge Sharing, a Non-Profit Community – I keep my passion without having someone trying to make money out of it!

BlommanWatchReport – as you might have noticed already, this place is very much focusing on Jaeger-LeCoultre watches and their history, also including some modern- and other vintage watches in general.

Working themes as I see them fit – latest example are the reports on the topic: Jaeger-LeCoultre and the U.S. market.

LeCoultre Mercury 7

Jaeger-LeCoultre presentation in Helsinki – I was contacted by Jaeger-LeCoultre, asked to hold a presentation about their history and vintage pieces for some of their VIP-customers.

Joined “social media” – In connection to the blog, joined the “social media” and started an Instagram account.

Connected with a lot of new and old friends! One of the summer highlights was the “on the wooden beam” series and the “Friday wind-down” stories together with @jaegerlecoultre_aficionado!

New entries into the collection – for some years now I have been focusing more on restoring my watches than adding new, but two themes that I worked a bit on this year are…


DOXA SUB’s – new entries into the collection

And Omega Funky 70’s –

Omega Funky 70’s – new entries into the collection

Going forward..? Still to be discovered…!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions about new topics. Many in store, just a question of in which order but always happy to look into any interesting topic!

Vintage watch history is like a puzzle where you don’t have all the pieces… If you think any of my reports are incorrect, let me know. If that is the case I will rectify information including credit.

I like to end this retrospect with a big thank you to all who reading me, following my Horological journey here!