Jaeger-LeCoultre: a wide and deep universe

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While I am working my way through all the Jaeger-LeCoultre material I have… I find myself every so often amazed of how wide and deep the Jaeger-LeCoultre universe really is!

Many people I know puts a equal sign between Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Reverso. That is true, the Reverso IS Jaeger-LeCoultre, but if you think that Jaeger-LeCoultre is ONLY the Reverso…

Then you are dead wrong!

Not long ago I scanned this small guarantee booklet. It’s the kind of small booklet that collectors love to add to their vintage watch to complete the set. Often never read or only quickly leafed through, ending up in the original vintage watch box…

Yes, Jaeger-LeCoultre used to have a “green” period – during the 1950’s and 1960’s a lot of their printed material, boxes, etc. were made in green.

So why did this guarantee & instructions booklet remind me of how wide and deep universe Jaeger-LeCoultre really is? Let’s have a look!

Based on the look and the content, this booklet was printed for the US market in the early 1950’s – my guess would be 1951 or 1952. I have several of these booklets and know that they very used during the larger part of the 1950’s even if the specific models inside was no longer in production.

First page is a list of achievements – petty long list…

Notice the “Product of Vacheron & Constantin – LeCoultre Watches” in the bottom, you can read about it here: Jaeger-LeCoultre and the U.S. market, part 1

The history compressed in this small page mention some of the inventions which changed watchmaking into what it is today!

The micrometer not only changed the watchmaking industry but the whole micro mechanic field. The stem winding mechanism (LeCoultre patent) – at introduction was doomed by others not to have a future… Today, basically all mechanical wrist watches use one crown to both set time and wind the movement.

Atmos – the perpetual motion clock. Still in production!

Grand complications – this years release of Reverso Hybris Mechanica is great reminder that Jaeger-LeCoultre still produce new grand complications watches!

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Calendar and moonphase – the current Master Control Calendar is a much more advanced version of the watch shown below. The jumping date which jumps between the 15th and the 16th to avoid blocking the moonphase is brilliant and if you like an even more complicated version, there is the Master Control Chronograph Calendar.

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La Grande Maison – the big house have become even bigger today!

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Calibre 101 – the world’s smallest watch and yes, still today, the world’s smallest mechanical movement! Worn by Royalties and celebrities’ all over the world.

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Wrist Alarm – Memovox, the watch that Reminds – Warns – Awakens. A true classic which is still going strong! Except for the Master Control Memovox, there are Memovox Timer and the Polaris Mariner Memovox to choose from.

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Ultrathin – the world’s thinnest watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre have a dedicated ultrathin watch line in the catalogue, the Master Ultrathin.

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Futurematic – “there is no winding stem”. This reminds me of the very first iMac – “no floppy drive”!

Even if “no floppy drive” is the standard of today, the winding stem is still in use. But what I think the Futurematic represents here is the innovative and pioneer spirit of the brand! Constantly trying to push the limits. Like the Hybris Mechanica collection!

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On the last page is the guarantee. Where the instructions are, I am not sure… More than printed on the cover I didn’t find any instructions.

Already 70 years ago, the Jaeger-LeCoultre universe had this width and as you can see, they still match this and more today! Imagine the depth of 70 years passing. Each type of watch iterated over time…

70 years is only when this booklet was printed, many of these models originated much earlier.

By the way – did you notice that in the booklet, the Reverso was not mentioned even once. Yes, Jaeger-LeCoultre is so much more than the Reverso!

Stay tuned for more.