Shot of the day: Omega Railmaster CK 2914-6 Lollipop

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Some watches attract me more than others… Naturally! One of them being the Omega Railmaster 2914!

Great size (38 mm), Antimagnetic sports watch and part of the Omega Trilogy – what more to wish for?

Well, the problem being that there are so many great versions of this watch. 2914-1 Broad arrow I already showed you here.

Now below you see the 2914-6 from 1960 with dauphin hands and Lollipop seconds hand.

Omega Railmaster CK 2914-6 – Lollipop

The Lollipop seconds hand is such a sweet detail!

One could build a whole collection just around the 5 or 6 most famous Antimagnetic watches and still be able to lose yourself…

Jaeger-LeCoultre E 168 Geophysic, Patek Philippe 3417 Amagnetica, IWC 666 Ingenieur, Rolex 1019 Milgauss and this Omega 2914 Railmaster. Five references times X numbers of different versions…

Yes, you could definitely lose yourself…!