Shot of the day: Zenith Captain 12244 Chronometer

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OK, since I have started to share some of my Zenith watches, let’s continue…

As you know, I have a soft spot for Chronometers and Zenith have some really nice once!

Here is the Zenith Captain reference 12244 Chronometer. This one just returned from my watchmaker after a well needed cleaning.

Zenith Captain – 12244 Chronometer 1964-1965

The Champagne dial on this one is magic, will take some photos in natural light and show you.

Based on the movement number, my watch is from 1964-1965. Notice the hands which are quite similar to the Zenith Favre-Leuba Chronometer Calibre 135, while the scan show a version with more classic Dauphine hands.

Zenith catalogue – Italian 1964

Back in 1964 the 12244 was 180.000 Italian Lire in gold and 63.000 Lire in stainless steel.

Zenith pricelist – Italian 1964

Yes, Zenith had many beautiful Chronometers – I will return with more, so stay tuned!

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