Shot of the day: Tissot 6606-1L Visodate

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A brand that is often overlooked by watch collectors is Tissot. I guess its due to the segment that it holds within the Swatch Group today…

But looking back, Tissot held a very high standard, many models easily comparable with Omega which is a very popular brand among watch collectors!

The parallel with Omega is not far fetched, the T.W.O brands have been linked through history… In 1930 Tissot and Omega merged and several watches and Calibres were shared, even if the brand names were kept separate.

Here are a couple of ads which indicates the relationship.

Omega ad from 1949:

Omega (Tissot) ad – 1949

Tissot ad from early 1950’s:

Tissot (Omega) ad – early 1950’s

Now the Tissot Visodate is a classic line which were according to some sources, launched for Tissot 100 Year Anniversary in 1953.

I am not well enough read up on Tissot but I know for sure that there were a model called Anniversary / Jubileum also launched that year for the same occasion.

Back in the days, the Tissot Visodate was described as a “robust and manly watch”. Today the 35 mm Visodate would be considered a dress watch on the smaller side…

This Tissot reference 6606-1L Visodate is the black dial version, based on the movement number from 1954.

The date which is the reason for the name is nicely executed with a red and black “roulette” date wheel. Red for even dates and black for odd dates.

Inside is the Calibre 27B-621. A manual movement with 44 hours power reserve and beating at 18.000 vph / 2.5 Hz.

Tissot Calibre 27B-621 – 18.000 vph / 2.5 Hz

Yes, another nugget from a brand often forgotten by watch collectors… The Visodate came in several different versions, the later once with automatic movements, some also with chronometer certification.

Here is a link to another great Tissot I wrote about: On the wooden beam: Tissot 4002-1 Navigator

I will continue to look closer on vintage Tissot, so stay tuned!