Shot of the day: Longines Tre Tacche

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Sometimes a watch do not need to be big to great!

One example is the Longines early waterproof step cases with three notches on the back, “Tre Tacche”.

In the early 1940’s, Longines were far from alone to used these early waterproof step cases with three notches on the back, “Tre Tacche”, but I guess Longines are the most famous for these kind of watches.

You often hear about “step case”, which refers to the bezel. The bezel looks like steps in a stair. If the case is in great condition, these steps are razor sharp.

Here is one of mine from the early 1940’s, which is in good condition where you can clearly see the step up to the top.

These cases have a very typical look, round, strong lugs and quite large crown. Now to put in perspective, the case is 30.5 mm in diameter which is quite small in today’s standard…

Several different sizes existed, again guessing the most famous of the larger once is the Longines Mk11 “Big Indian” at 44 mm, to be fair, that one is not a “Tre Tacche” but a “Sei Tacche”, six notches on the back and the steps have an angle, not 90 degrees.

The nick name “Tre Tacche” comes from the Italian collectors which were among the first to chase these kind of watches.

And here we see the screw down case back with the three notches from where the nick name comes from – “Tre Tacche”!

Yes, sometimes even a smaller size watch can bring you great pleasure.

Stay tuned, this is a topic I will return with more…