Shot of the day: Rolex 1675 GMT-master

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Lazy Sunday shots – just a couple of shot of my Rolex reference 1675 from 1963 with some younger accessories…

A few years ago this was one of my “under the radar” watches… Under the radar in the sense of non-watchoholics did not recognise the watch as a Rolex…

Today is a different story as the popularity of Rolex steel sports watches and the GMT in particular have gone up…

Rolex 1675 GMT-master – tin box

I find it amazing how Rolex managed to keep 1675 evolving over so many years… With small subtle changes over time, but still kept the spirit of the 1675 intact.

Rolex 1675 GMT-master – watch holder

Of course, my GMT-master from 1963 looks different in details compared with the one in the 1977 catalogue, but still – unmistakably the T.W.O are close related.

Rolex 1675 GMT-master – “I want a good watch” 1977

Wishing you all a great Sunday – stay tuned for more!