Tissot 6605-4 Antimagnetique

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Not long ago I was writing about some of the most famous Antimagnetic watches… If you like Antimagnetic watches but are not ready or willing to go for some of the more sought after, there are many options which will not cost you a fortune…

Many brands competed in the Antimagnetic category during the 1940’s and 1950’s… One of them was Tissot!

Tissot Antimagnetique – a few black dial examples

OK, I will not compare these watches with the “best in class”, like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic or the IWC Ingenieur

But considering the beauty versus price, Tissot Antimagnetique have a lot to offer!

Let’s have a closer look at one of these, the Tissot reference 6605-4 Antimagnetique from 1952, based on the serial number.

Tissot 6605-4 Antimagnetique – shot of the day

Good size, 35.5 mm in diameter, stainless steel case with beautiful shaped lugs, which are drilled – to me, that adds a lot to the vintage charm.

You remember I mentioned the relationship between Omega and Tissot? In case not, you can read about it here – Tissot 6606-1L Visodate

I like to compare T.W.O similar watches from these brands, the Omega reference 2299 Officer and the Tissot 6605-4 Antimagnetique:

Omega 2299 Officer – Tissot 6605-4 Antimagnetique

Both have similar cases and dials, but may not be comparable due to the different sizes? True, but if we look on the inside, there are a lot of similarities!

Both have movements which are 26.5 mm in diameter, Omega Calibre 26.5 SOB and Tissot Calibre 27-1T. Similar thickness of the movements, 3.95 mm vs. 4.05 mm. 15 jewels, incabloc shock protection and beating at a rate of 18000 vph / 2.5 Hz.

The shape of the bridges are a bit different, but guess that several parts are interchangeable between the two…

Yes, there is a lot to to discover in the “field” of Antimagnetic…

Tissot 6605-4 Antimagnetique – a lot to offer for a small price

As always, stay tuned!