Enicar Sherpa Dive 40mm

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Today I will continue and present another EPSA Super Compressor cased watch…

Most common to see among these Super Compressor case watches are the T.W.O crown 36 mm or 42 mm case… Except when it comes to Enicar.

Enicar made a lot of two crown Super Compressor watches as well, but also…

… a lot of single crown Super Compressor case watches. You can read about one in my post: Enicar Single Crown-Super Compressor Case

Most of them, 35 mm or 36 mm like this Healthways.

But also larger watches, like this Enicar Sherpa Dive from 1964, which have a diameter of 40 mm with bayonet case back.

Enicar Sherpa Dive – 40 mm case from 1964

Not only did Enicar make a lot of single crown Super Compressor case watches, these watches – Sea Peral case as Enicar called it, had a bayonet locking system of the case back instead of the more common screw-down case back.

As can be seen in the photo below, three “notches” in the case back to be fitted into the case. Not sure if other brands used this system on their Super Compressor cases…

Enicar Sherpa Dive – bayonet case back

Did you noticed the man in the advertisement, used as background in the first shot? That man was Bo Cassel, one of the divers who salvage the Swedish Royal ship Vasa.

While doing that he had a Enicar Sherpa Dive 40 mm watch on his wrist. The man and the watch is worth a separate post – so stay tuned!